JSTOR: Large Scale Digitization of Journals in the United States

Kevin M. Guthrie


The JSTOR database now includes well over 2 million pages from 61 important journals in 13 academic disciplines. Additional journal content is being digitized at a rate of more than 100,000 pages per month. More than 320 libraries in the United States and Canada have become participating institutions, providing support for the creation, maintenance and growth of this database. Outside of North America, we have established a mirror site in the United Kingdom. Through a novel collaborative relationship with the Joint Information Systems Committee, the JSTOR database is now being made available to over 20 higher education institutions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from a mirror site at the University of Manchester. In addition, plans are underway to establish a second overseas mirror site in Budapest, Hungary to serve institutions in Eastern Europe and Russia. As each day passes, new opportunities are presented to us to extend the reach of this enterprise. It is an exciting and challenging time.

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