Vol 10, No 2 (2000)

Table of Contents


The Open Library. Financial and Human Aspects Abstract pdf
Elmar Mittler 77-79
Information on Financing the Construction ofWarsaw University Library Abstract pdf
Robert Rzesos 80-83
Dublin City University New Library –A Library for the Information Age Abstract pdf
Paul Sheehan 84-93
The Kneiphof-Library: International Library forthe Kaliningrad State University and the City Abstract pdf
Jürgen Bloech 94-98
The Turbulent Totality and the Total Experience:Cultural Activities at The Black Diamond,The Royal Library in Copenhagen Abstract pdf
Steen Bille Larsen 99-107
The Library as a Service Point.The Case of the Bozen University Library:Planning, Building, Financing Abstract pdf
Franz Berger, Klaus Kempf 108-116
Income Generation from Library Buildings:the UK Experience Abstract pdf
Graham Bulpitt 117-125
The University Library in Warsaw – Symbols and Climates Abstract pdf
Marek Budzynski 126-129
Perception and the Mood of Change Abstract pdf
Henryk Hollender, Ewa Kobierska-Maciuszko 130-136
The University Library in Tromsøas a Learning Centre Abstract pdf
Helge Salvesen 137-151
Case Study: The University of Teesside Learning Resource Centre: Access to Knowledge, Imagination & Learning Abstract pdf
Ian C. Butchart 152-159
The Dance of Change. Staff and User Abstract pdf
Hannelore Jouly 160-167
The Multimedia Library as a General Perspective of the Library System Abstract pdf
Lev Amlinski 168-181
A New Library for the Exact Sciences at the K. U. Leuven Abstract pdf
Raf Dekeyser 182-197
Building of Peace and Reconciliation Abstract pdf
Vera Vohlídalová 198-207
Library Liberec Abstract pdf
Radim Kousal 208-212
Services and Collections Gathered Near the User: Helsinki University Library and its Present Building Projects Abstract pdf
Dorrit Gustafsson 213-218
The New Library of the University of Aveiro Abstract pdf
Laura Oliva Correia Lemos 219-237
The National Library of Norway, Oslo Division: Is it Possible to Make a 1913-Building Accessible for the Library User of 2005? Abstract pdf
Sissel Nilsen 238-245
From the Storage of Tobacco to a Research Library: The Conversion of the Toulouse Tobacco Factory Abstract pdf
Marie-Dominique Heusse 246-258
The Johannes a Lasco Library Emden – on the Way to a Self- supporting Library Abstract pdf
Walter Schulz 259-265
From a Reservoir Building to the Main Library of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Abstract pdf
Anna Magre 266-278

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