Vol 12, No 2/3 (2002)

Table of Contents

Editorial pdf
Peter te Boekhorst 123


Virtual Reference Services: Connecting Users with Experts and Supporting the Development of Skills Abstract pdf
Trix Bakker 124-137
The Research Library and Scholarly Information; a Future for Librarians? Abstract pdf
Alex C. Klugkist 138-151
OCLC PICA: a European Library Membership Organisation Abstract pdf
Janet Mitchell Lees 152-155
Denmark’s Electronic Research Library: A single Virtual Research Library for Denmark Abstract pdf
Bo Öhrström 156-174
Combining Teaching and Library Work: the Hybrid Academic Abstract pdf
Dorothy Sheridan 175-184
The Quality Management of Norwegian Universities and its Influence on University Libraries Abstract pdf
Helge Salvesen 185-191
Information Literacy – Curriculum Integration with Medical School’s Syllabus Abstract pdf
Anne-Marie Haraldstad 192-198
‘IN PLACE’: Making the British Library’s Collections ‘Local’ as well as ‘National’ Abstract pdf
Graham Shaw 199-207
Digitising Complex Data: Integrating Text, Images and Physical Organisation Abstract pdf
Espen S. Ore 208-218
Librarians Working with Publishers on E-book Provision Abstract pdf
Pierre Le Loarer, Jean-Michel Salaün 219-227
eBooks for Libraries and Patrons: Two Years of Experience Abstract pdf
Richard L. Rosy 228-233
Promoting the Use of E-books by the Use of Electronic Enrichment Abstract pdf
Peter Gethin 234-249
Shaping a Strategy for E-books: the JISC E-Books Working Group Abstract pdf
Louise Edwards 240-244
An Organisational Model for University Libraries in Transition Abstract pdf
Bas Savenije 245-259
Changing the Organization for Cataloguing in the BnF: a Long-term Project Abstract pdf
Philippe Raccah 260-265
User Orientation as an Organizational Principle: the Warsaw Experience Abstract pdf
Jolanta Stepniak 266-274
The Blue Shield Initiative. Joining Efforts to Preserve our Cultural Heritage in Danger Abstract pdf
Marie-Thérèse Varlamoff 275-282

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