Vol 12, No 4 (2002)

Table of Contents

Editorial pdf
Peter te Boekhorst, Ulrike Scholle 291-292


Library Security Management: An Introduction Abstract pdf
Erland Kolding Nielsen 293-295
'Golfiana': A Theft from the National Library of Scotland Abstract pdf
Ann Matheson 303-308
'Thieves in Our Cultural Heritage’: Crime and Crime Prevention Measures in the Royal Library, Stockholm, 2000-2002 Abstract pdf
Tomas Lidman 309-315
‘Catch as Catch Can’ Abstract pdf
Els van Eijck van Heslinga 316-319
‘Paradise Lost’: A Theft from Helsinki University Library Abstract pdf
Esko Häkli 320-328
The LIBER Security Network of 2002 – The Copenhagen Principles Abstract pdf
Preservation Policy: A Challenging Task Both on a National and Local Level Abstract pdf
Esko Häkli 333-343
La Numérisation dans les Bibliothèques de l’Enseignement Supérieur en France Abstract pdf
Valerie Neouze 344-352
German Alliance for the Protection of the Written Heritage Abstract pdf
Hermann Leskien 353-360
Mentoring Abstract pdf
Antony Brewerton 361-380
Supporting Teaching and Research in an Online Environment: Developing the University of London Library Model Abstract pdf
Sally Chambers 381-392
Learning from the First Step. Uni Mail in Geneva Abstract pdf
Agnes Goda 393-402

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