Vol 13, No 1 (2003)

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Trix Bakker


Report on the 13th conference on "Strategies for Survival: collections, data, institutions" of the Groupe des Cartothécaires de LIBER, 3-7 September, Helsinki, Finland. Abstract html pdf
Christopher Fleet
Map Collections as National Treasures Abstract html pdf
Esko Häkli
The legal deposit of digital spatial data in the United Kingdom Abstract html pdf
Christopher Fleet
Who's saving the files? Towards a new role for local map collections? Abstract html pdf
Robert B. Parry
The new map department in the National Library of Poland and the first steps to the automation of cataloguing its collections Abstract html pdf
Lucyna Szaniawska
MapSite - an Internet map service of the National Land Survey of Finland gets dressed up with modern technology Abstract html pdf
Jere Rajalin
The Challenge of Preserving Digital Maps Abstract html pdf
Jani Stenvall
Problems of preservation and accessibility of cartographic publications in the National Libraries of Russia Abstract html pdf
Ludmilla Kildushevskaya
National Library of Norway's new database of 22 manuscript maps concerning the Swedish King Charles XII's campaign in Norway in 1716 and 1718 Abstract html pdf
Benedicte Gamborg Brisa

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