Vol 14, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents

Editorial html pdf
Trix Bakker


The Renaissance in Library Buildings Abstract html pdf
Sarah E. Thomas
Redeveloping the world's largest Social Science library for the 21st century Abstract html pdf
Jean Sykes
Make libraries from armouries... Abstract html pdf
Dana Lostáková
Can a 1960s library be transformed for the 21st century? Abstract html pdf
Nadine Delcarmine
The Wireless Library: Technical and Organizational Aspects Abstract html pdf
Gerhard Schneider
Multifunktionalität bei Planung- und Bau. Erfahrungen bei Eurac und der Freien Universität Bozen-Bolzano Abstract html pdf
Stephan Dellago
Working places, furniture and technology: Strategies of flexibility of university library buildings - the case of Bozen/Bolzano Abstract html pdf
Klaus Kempf
Conceptual Principles of the Planning of Modern Public Libraries Abstract html pdf
K. Jakovlevas-Mateckis, L. Kostinaité, J. Pupeliené
The National and University Library in Ljubljana - the intersection of Time and Cultures Abstract html pdf
Marko Mušič
"The Brain" - The Philological Library, Free University of Berlin Abstract html pdf
Klaus U. Werner, Monika Diecks
A European library for Milan: the BEIC Project Abstract html pdf
Marco Muscogiuri
24 X 7: The Sunderland Experience Abstract html pdf
Julie Archer
Implementing RFID in Libraries for Process Automation - Experiences from over Twenty Current Installations Abstract html pdf
Christian Kern, Marcel Nauer
From Concept to Commissioning: The Library - Scheduling, Programming, Phasing Abstract html pdf
Marie-Francoise Bisbrouck
The Royal Library - the library's role in the building projects. How to be an influential part of adding new library buildings to the Royal Library, Copenhagen / How to survive in the world of architects and building departments Abstract html pdf
Karl Krarup
The Librarian and the Evaluation of a New Building. The University of Oslo Library and the Georg Sverdrup Building: Does the building support new challenges and new expectations? Abstract html pdf
Eirin Haugen
Zentralbibliothek Zürich: A new library - ten years after Abstract html pdf
Hermann Köstler
The battle for good libraries Abstract html pdf
Elmar Mittler

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