Vol 18, No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents

Editorial html pdf
Inge Angevaare 1-3


LIBER-EBLIDA Digitisation Workshop Abstract html pdf
Paul Ayris 4-19
Digitisation of Library Material in Europe: Problems, Obstacles and Perspectives anno 2007 Abstract html pdf
Erland Kolding Nielsen 20-27
Mass Digitisation by Libraries: Issues concerning Organisation, Quality and Efficiency Abstract html pdf
Astrid Verheusen 28-38
Automating Registration of Digital Preservation Copies: The Place of Registries in the Digitization Workflow Abstract html pdf
William Carney 39-48
EROMM and the Registry of Digital Masters Abstract html pdf
Werner Schwartz 49-58
‘Communicating Manuscripts’: Third Conference of LIBER's Manuscript Librarians Group, Berlin, 28-30 November 2007 Abstract html pdf
Jutta Weber, André Bouwman 59-62

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