Vol 18, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents

Editorial html pdf
Inge Angevaare 63-64

Collection Security Conference

Assessing New Developments in Collection Security Abstract html pdf
Barry Knight 65-75
The British Library's Vulnerable Collection Items Project Abstract html pdf
Kimberly C. Kowal, John Rhatigan 76-79
Sharing Experiences: Establishing an Expertise Centre on the Protection of Dutch Cultural Heritage Abstract html pdf
Theo Vermeulen 80-89
Sharing Information: Report on the LIBER Library Security Network (LSN) Since 2002 Abstract html pdf
Erland Kolding Nielsen 90-100
Security in Libraries: Matching Responses to Risks Abstract html pdf
Martin Gill 101-106
Stolen Manuscript: Lessons Learnt Abstract html pdf
Jacqueline Sanson 107-109
The Library of Congress, Collections Security and the Role of its Inspector General Abstract html pdf
Karl W. Schornagel 110-117
Report on International Roundtable Meeting on Collection Security held at the British Library Abstract html pdf
Andy Stephens, Helen Shenton 118-123

Building on Experience: the Architecture Conference

From One Library to Another: the New Robert de Sorbon Library of the University of Reims Abstract html pdf
Carine El Bekri-Dinoird 124-128
The Lanchester Library — Building a Sustainable Library Abstract html pdf
Pat Noon 129-136
Architects and Librarians under Pressure: Dialoguing about Renovation of a Library in a Constrained Environment Abstract html pdf
André Lohisse, Françoise Sogno 137-149
Refurbishing, Extending, Recreating, and Renewing the Boole Library at University College Cork, Ireland Abstract html pdf
Seamus McMahon 150-156
A Dynamic Assessment of the François-Mitterrand Library Abstract html pdf
Valerie Vesque-Jeancard 157-169
The German Experience: Evaluation of German Library Buildings from the Last Decades Abstract html pdf
Elmar Mittler 170-198
Reshaping the Future Abstract html pdf
Jill Beard, David Ball 199-208
Evaluation of University Library Buildings in France, the Second Survey (2000–2007) Abstract html pdf
Marie-Françoise Bisbrouck 209-226

The Future of the Map Library and Map Librarian

The Future of the Map Library and Map Librarian Abstract html pdf
John N. Moore 227-237
Mapping out Map Libraries Abstract html pdf
Ferjan Ormeling 238-254
Life beyond the Paper Graphic Index: Evaluating New Geographic Retrieval Technologies for the Future Map Library Abstract html pdf
Chris Fleet 255-270
A New Website for Cartographic Resources — CartoMundi Abstract html pdf
Jean-Luc Arnaud 271-275
FRBR: an Opportunity for Map Collections and Map Users? Abstract html pdf
Ruth Kalf 276-291
From Map Curator to Information Manager Or The Last of the Dinosaurs Abstract html pdf
Peter Korsgaard 292-298
GOKaRT: Graphical Online Search Tool for Maps Abstract html pdf
Mechthild Schüler, Wolfgang Crom 299-303

The Book as an Artifact

The Temptations of the Dinosaur Theory Abstract html pdf
Ola Larsmo 304-309
Asking the Right Questions: The Role of the Conservator in Digital Projects Abstract html pdf
Jan Paris 310-320

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