Vol 20, No 3/4 (2011)

Table of Contents

Editorial html pdf
Inge Angevaare 305-306


The Open Library System — Re-invented, Implemented and Working Abstract html pdf
Jens Hofman Hansen, Arne Sørensen 307-320
Free Library Data? Abstract html pdf
Raymond Bérard 321-331
University and Research Libraries in Europe Working towards Open Access Abstract html pdf
Paul Ayris 332-346
Manuscript Transcription by Crowdsourcing: Transcribe Bentham Abstract html pdf
Martin Moyle, Justin Tonra, Valerie Wallace 347-356
The Political Nature of Digital Cultural Heritage Abstract html pdf
Quincy McCrary 357-368
Advertisement Springer html pdf
Book Review: Business Planning for Digital Libraries: International Approaches html pdf
Inge Angevaare 369-371
Sponsored Article: ProQuest’s Early European Books Project: A Collaborative Approach to the Digitisation of Rare Texts html pdf
Matt Kibble 372-381

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