Vol 21, No 3/4 (2012)

Table of Contents

Editorial: Changes all around html pdf
Inge Angevaare 309-311


An Overview of Research Infrastructures in Europe - and Recommendations to LIBER Abstract html pdf
Norbert Lossau 313-329
Developing European Library Services in Changing Times Abstract html pdf
Paul Ayris 331-346
The Role of the National and University Library of Slovenia in a Multinational Research Project (IMPACT): a Case Study Abstract html pdf
Ines Vodopivec 347-366
Getting to Know Library Users’ Needs — Experimental Ways to User-centred Library Innovation Abstract html pdf
Karen Harbo, Thomas Vibjerg Hansen 367-385
Knotworking in Academic Libraries: Two Case Studies from the University of Helsinki Abstract html pdf
Yrjö Engeström, Heli Kaatrakoski, Pälvi Kaiponen, Johanna Lahikainen, Anne Laitinen, Heli Myllys, Juhana Rantavuori, Kaisa Sinikara 387-405
Fostering New Roles for Librarians: Skills Set for Repository Managers — Results of a Survey in Italy Abstract html pdf
Maria Cassella, Maddalena Morando 407-428
Trends in Research Librarianship Literature: A Social Network Analysis of Articles Abstract html pdf
Umut Al, İrem Soydal, Gülten Alir 429-444
Usage and Impact of Controlled Vocabularies in a Subject Repository for Indexing and Retrieval Abstract html pdf
Timo Borst 445-453
‘As We May Digitize’ — Institutions and Documents Reconfigured Abstract html pdf
Mats Dahlström, Joacim Hansson, Ulrika Kjellman 455-474
Open Access Week 2011 in the Czech Republic (Report) Abstract html pdf
Pavla Rygelová 475-481

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