Vol 22, No 4 (2013)

Table of Contents

Editorial html PDF
Raf Dekeyser 263-264


Supporting Rights Clearance for Digitisation Projects with the ARROW Service Abstract html PDF
Nuno Freire, Gabriella Scipione, Markus Muhr, Andreas Juffinger 265-284
The Searchbench - Combining Sentence-semantic, Full-text and Bibliographic Search in Digital Libraries Abstract html PDF
Ulrich Schäfer, Bernd Kiefer, Christian Spurk, Jörg Steffen, Rui Wang, Benjamin Weitz, Magdalena Wolska 285-309
Towards an Editable, Versionized LOD Service for Library Data Abstract html PDF
Felix Ostrowski, Adrian Pohl 310-330
Information handling in collaborative research Abstract html PDF
Ellen Collins, Michael Jubb 331-344
Opening up the cartographic heritage of the Spanish Geographical Institute by means of publishing standardized, Inspire compatible metadata Abstract html PDF
Joan Capdevila Subirana, Alejandra Sánchez Maganto, Elena Camacho Arranz, Andrés Arístegui Cortijo 345-357
ArCEs - A digital archive of Italian Colonial Cartography and Scientific Expeditions Abstract html PDF
Irene Calloud, Paola Zamperlin 358-375

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